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Do you know a dismantler who is not an IADA member but should be? Here are a few good reasons you can share with them.

  • IADA members are provided with a CADRA Enviro Guide & Mercury Manual

  • IADA members receive OSHA & DTSC updates

  • IADA members are enrolled in the Mercury Switch disposal program through ELVS.

  • IADA members are provided with complete sets of the ARA Parts Grading Guidelines for dismantlers interested in e-trade.

  • IADA members receive employer posters as a member benefit.

  • IADA members have the ability to monitor state legislation through CADRA's Legislative Advocate, Tim Yaryan at

  • Educational programs for owners and employees including meetings, seminars and newsletters.

  • Required employer postings provided to members as a member benefit.

  • Free advertising via the IADA maps provided to members for distribution.

  • Optional participation in the IADA Hotline, covering San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.

  • Social functions such as our Top Gun Contest, picnic and Christmas party that help you build friendships throughout our industry.

  • Savings through insurance programs in business, health and workers compensation insurance.

  • IADA is a member of the California Auto Dismantlers & Recyclers Alliance.
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  • CADRA Enviro Guide. A complete environmental manual free to all IADA members.
  • Maps & Rosters
  • Employer posters are free to IADA members. Spanish posters are available
  • Prop 65 Warning signs
Contact Danna Blackwell @ 909-823-IADA (4232) for more infomation.


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